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                              Can aquatic chemical pesticides safely and effectively help you improve your lake or pond?

Today more than ever Americans are concerned with environmental issues. We are especially wary of environmental contamination. We often hear of oil spills and industrial accidents involving dangerous chemicals. Why then should we allow the application of potentially hazardous substances on our waterways?   The fact is that today's water resources are faced with much greater threats than those posed by any aquatic pesticides. The invasion of hearty fast-growing exotic species, disturbance by watercraft traffic, and the loss of wetlands and vegetated watersheds has caused our aquatic ecosystems to undergo extensive changes.   Fortunately through research and regulation, we are now better able to control and understand the forces which have degraded most of our water resources. But it is still largely up to Lake associations and landowners to protect and enhance their waterways to meet their recreational needs. A good lake manager can safely combine pesticide use with long-term remediation efforts and manipulate plant populations and species diversity to maintain aquatic environments that are more beneficial to both the uses of man and wildlife. The key lies in the selectivity of species control and in the rapid decomposition of pesticides after application. The vast majority of EPA-approved pesticides used by lake managers today cannot be found in measurable amounts in treated waters within a few days of application. Sunlight, bacteria, and other various pathways act to degrade aquatic pesticides soon after application, leaving the system free of active residuals.  Our goal at Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. is to become your partner in this process. Whether you are a large lake association or the owner of a small farm pond, we have the experience and regulatory certifications to provide the services necessary to improve your water resources. Lakes and Ponds add qualities of beauty and recreation to our properties. We at Aquatic Enhancement & Survey understand your need to protect your investment in these resources. We are Lake Managers, but also educators. We strive to help lake associations and pond owners understand the complex interactions that ultimately determine water quality, providing you with the tools to protect your resources far into the future. We invite you to call on us to arrange a free initial consultation. Knowledge is power. Let us empower you.